You find yourself owing back taxes to the IRS, facing stiff penalties and you are wondering how are you going to get out from under this financial burden?

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Here are 7 secrets the IRS would rather you not know about, but we’ll be happy to share with you as we walk through the tax resolution process.

#1 – Don’t Pay IRS Penalties

There are over 140 different penalties in the IRS arsenal. And, the IRS can even charge interest and penalties on the original penalty, further inflating your tax debt. However, all is not lost. Penalties can be negotiated, in some cases down to ZERO, especially if you have something called Reasonable Cause. Part of having representation from Strategic Tax Resolution is having an experienced negotiator on your side to face the IRS. Don’t pay a penny more than you should!

#2 – File All Legally Required Tax Returns On Time

The IRS can hit you with a penalty of up to 25% simply for filing your return late – individual, payroll or corporate. Even if you don’t send payment for the taxes you owe, still file the return on time. Of course, the IRS will still come back for the money you owe, but you save the 25% late penalty. Strategic Tax Resolution offers annual tax preparation and tax planning services to keep you on track and on time with your tax return filings.

#3 – You Don’t Have To Live In Fear Of The IRSirs building, strategic tax resolution, 7 secrets irs doesn't want you to know

Knowing your rights as a taxpayer gives you leverage when trying to resolve your tax problems. Having the experienced and knowledgeable representation of Strategic Tax Resolution, having us represent your interests, looking out for your rights puts you in a better negotiating position. Strategic Tax Resolution takes you through your options, finding the best solution to your tax problems. We know the taxing authorities inside and out.

#4 – You Don’t Have To Talk To The IRS Auditor (in fact, it’s best that you don’t)

The taxpayer Bill of Rights outlines that you can have representation by a qualified professional that can answer questions for you and provide the necessary documentation to the IRS. Many attempt to handle the audit themselves or hire the tax preparer to handle it, which is not a good strategy. Most are not well-versed in the audit process, which can lead to an unfavorable outcome. Strategic Tax Resolution has the experience to not be intimidated by the IRS, to represent you and your interests during the process and negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

#5 – You Can Beat The Odds When Facing An IRS Audit

When it comes to audits, the IRS has a pretty good winning percentage. More often than not, taxpayers are guilty till proven innocent and the audit can start with every deduction being disallowed until proven to be legitimate. And, if you don’t file a return, the IRS will do it for you. Having experienced representation greatly improves your odds for a positive tax resolution. Strategic Tax Resolution has the knowledge and experience to look out for your interests and negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Get Strategic Tax Resolution working on your case today and ‘May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.’

#6 – IRS Audits Can Be Resolved Swiftly

For the best chance to end an IRS audit with a successful outcome, end it at the first meeting. Having years of experience, knowing the proper documentation to have, knowing what questions need answers – going into that first meeting prepared – shortens the timeline of getting to a resolution. Strategic Tax Resolution has been trusted by countless clients with resolving their tax problems. We are you local tax resolution experts. We look out for your rights and represent your interests, negotiating the best possible outcome for you.

irs, 7 secrets the irs doesn't want you to know, strategic tax resolution#7 – The IRS Cuts Deals

The IRS will make a deal for back taxes owed (including penalties and interest). The idea being to get you back in the system as a current taxpayer and get something for the taxes you owed. Requirements to qualify are typically very strict. That’s where having the experienced negotiating skill of Strategic Tax Resolution on your side comes in. We are you local tax resolution experts. We look out for your rights and represent your interests, negotiating the best possible outcome for you.

One Last Thing

If you happen to find yourself with tax problems, Strategic Tax Resolution can help. We offer a range of tax resolution services to meet your needs. Contact us or give us a call at 888-339-4914 for a free consultation.