IRS and State Tax Resolution Services

If the IRS or State has recently contacted you, CALL US FIRST for a free phone consultation to find out what options are available. Strategic Tax Resolution has a complete offering of IRS and State Tax Resolution Services. We will select the best tax relief program for your situation. Don’t pay a penny more than you should!

We understand that encountering tax problems can be sudden and stressful. That’s why finding real solutions from a trusted company with IRS and State tax resolution experience is crucial to resolving tax issues. Tax authorities offer many possibilities for tax relief. Understanding which tax relief option is right for you is essential if you want success in pursuing a resolution. Working with one of our tax professionals is your best bet.

Based on your specific tax situation, Strategic Tax Resolution will recommend one of the following Tax Resolution Services:

Whether you have a IRS or State wage garnishment, bank or wage levy, have unfiled tax returns or you just need assistance determining your options for dealing with your tax debt, Strategic Tax Resolution will take the time to determine the correct options for you. Let us take on the job of dealing with the IRS or State taxing authority, so you don’t have to deal with the stress or take the time out of your life.

Call us at 888.339.4914 for a free consultation to determine your options on your terms before the IRS takes action and your options are limited.