It is everyone’s favorite place to go. Whether your state calls it the MVA, the DMV or something else entirely, it is still a necessary inconvenience at best. Now imagine you have waited in line all afternoon to take care of your license and you find out you can’t because there is a hold on the renewal of your license on account of you owing the state back taxes.

States have the power to place a hold on renewal of your driver’s license, car with driver, license renewal hold, strategic tax resolutionvehicle registration, even your professional license until you become “tax compliant” – submit any and all unfiled returns and be in a payment agreement for any back taxes owed. The key phrase in the previous sentence is “be in a payment agreement.” Making payment arrangements with state taxing authorities involves negotiation, and you are going to want an experienced professional sitting on your side of the table negotiating the best possible outcome for you.

Turn to your local tax resolution experts.

Strategic Tax Resolution negotiates with state taxing authorities on a daily basis on behalf of our clients. We work toward getting the best possible outcome for you – reduced tax liabilities and release of any holds.

(Even the IRS got in on the action starting in 2018, implementing guidelines for the denial of passport applications or renewals for those with delinquent tax bills.)

One Last Thing

If you have received a notice of a hold on renewal, act now and contact Strategic Tax Resolution for help. We have the experience it takes to negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible outcome for you. Contact us or give us a call at 888-339-4914 for a free consultation. We’ll help you get not only back on the road, but on your #RoadToResolution.