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Strategic Tax Resolution provides tax consulting and representation services for the challenges that you face with the complex tax code and aggressive collection procedures of the IRS and State taxing authorities.  Call us today at 888.339.4914 to start your representation.

Liens and Levies

IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy are collection tools that the taxing authorities use to pressure taxpayers into

Wage Garnishment

How to Stop Wage Garnishment When you owe the IRS, they will stop at nothing to collect. If taxes go unpaid, the IRS resorts to tax liens and

Payroll Tax Problems and TFRP

Payroll Tax Problems and TFRP Payroll taxes refer to income taxes withheld from employees’ income, including Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Unfiled Taxes

Unfiled IRS and State Tax Returns If a taxpayer neglects to file their taxes every year, the IRS will file a tax return for them using a Substitute

Lien and Levy Release

IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy Release/Removal Getting a tax lien or levy released is a negotiation process. The good news is in many cases

Annual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Annual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning Annual tax preparation and tax planning are two key services designed to help our clients avoid tax problems

Installment Agreements

Help with IRS and State Installment Agreements An installment agreement is the end result of  properly presenting a taxpayer's financial

Wage Garnishment Removal

Stopping Wage Garnishment Stopping and removing a wage garnishment is crucial to minimizing the financial impact of your tax problems. With a wage


Strategic Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution Services need to evolve to address new tax law and collection procedures.  We continuously monitor the IRS and State taxing authorities to identify these updates.  This enables us to deliver the most current tax and collection strategies to our clients.  In addition to incorporating regulation changes into our strategies, we will post key news alerts to our blog and Facebook page.

Tax Resolution services, also known as Tax Controversy services, is a highly specialized area of expertise.  This is why it is important to find a practitioner with the proper training and experience in this area.  You cannot rely on a tax preparer to represent you in collection or audit issues.  Many times an inexperienced tax practitioner will not fully understand the collection procedures of a taxing authority and direct a client down the wrong path.


A measure of a practitioners competence is their success.  We take great pride in how we have been able to help our clients rebuild their lives.  Below are just a few examples of our client testimonials.

  • I initially went to a local tax preparation company and to my surprise I owed almost $60,000 to the IRS and over $10,000 to the State. I was not sure what to do. I could not afford to pay these taxes. It would have taken the rest of my life to pay these taxes in full. I went to work and mentioned by situation to a co-worker. He recommended that I go see Greg Talbott at Strategic Tax Resolution. When I met with Greg he immediately identified an error on my return that significantly overstated my income. Greg amended my IRS and State returns eliminating the taxes owed and actually getting me a refund. This was nothing short of a miracle. I thought my life was over and now I have a fresh start.

  • Several years ago, I became ill and was in the hospital for over a month. I almost died. When I was well enough to leave the hospital, I was still not strong enough to return to work. I was evicted from my apartment, and was homeless. I was unable to pay my taxes. When I was able to return to work and find another apartment the IRS garnished my wages. I turned to a national tax resolution company for help but ended up just spending thousands of dollars for no results. In desperation, I turned to a local firm, Strategic Tax Resolution. I met with Greg Talbott. He explained the process and gave me a fixed price to resolve my issue. I owed $34,729 to the IRS. Greg was able to negotiate the balance to $500. Honestly, I still can't believe it, sometimes things are too good to be true when you are with the right person. If you have tax issues, you need to see Greg at Strategic Tax Resolution.

  • I was a small business owner that did not make my estimated tax payments.  My IRS tax problem grew to over $44,000.  Greg and the team at Strategic Tax Resolution were able to settle my IRS tax bill for $1,620.  I don't know where I would be without Strategic Tax Resolution.
  • I experience a heart and stroke and was unable to file or pay my taxes.  Strategic Tax Resolution was able to negotiate the release of the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle hold and the reinstatement of my wife's nursing license. Strategic Tax Resolution was also able to settle my balance with the IRS.
  • I started my own real estate investment firm and had trouble determining my estimated taxes.  Strategic Tax Resolution helped me to calculate my proper estimated taxes and worked with the IRS and State of Maryland to reduce my taxes owed.  Everything is now fixed and I am moving forward thinking about my business instead of losing sleep about my tax problems.
  • I was going through a divorce which complicated my taxes. I was not sure of how it would impact my taxes and how deductions were going to be split, so I did not file my taxes. After the divorce settled, I was left with complicated tax issues and did not know where to begin. I was paralyzed by the situation and did not act until I was referred to Strategic Tax Resolution by a family member. By that point, my issue snowballed into 6 years of unfiled returns. Strategic Tax Resolution prepared my Federal and State returns. I actually got a refund back on the State returns but owed $40,961.94 to the IRS. Strategic Tax Resolution was able to negotiate a settlement of $825 to completely resolve my IRS ax issue. Now I am on my way to buying a new home. I can't thank Greg Talbott and his team at Strategic Tax Resolution enough!

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