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Time’s Up! The IRS is Unleashed!

Yes, you read that right. After what you could call a ‘COVID hiatus,’ the IRS is back on the hunt, sending out IRS notices, looking to collect what is theirs. And they are looking to collect it from you.

A batch of Intent to levy and garnishment IRS notices hit mailboxes within the last week or so and you can bet more are on the way. It’s not if they’re coming, it’s when they’re coming … and when they’re coming is now! irs, tax, irs notices, tax problems

Do you fear going to get the mail, afraid you will find one of those dreaded IRS notices with your name on it? Do you lay awake at night, worried when is the hammer going to drop and your paycheck be garnished or your bank account emptied?

Those IRS notices don’t go away. Tax problems don’t get better over time; in fact, they tend to get worse.

Speaking of worse, the worst thing to do is to ignore the notices and do nothing.

So you have to do something, but now you are thinking, what can I do?

You’ve basically got two paths – the DIY path or the HELP path.

The DIY path is, of course, Do-It-Yourself. You can call the IRS, negotiate your situation and come to a resolution solution. Often, it is typically an installment agreement/payment plan to pay off your tax debt.

Ask yourself this: Would you go to court without a lawyer? Do you want to face the IRS alone?

You don’t have to.irs, tax problem, irs notices

You do have rights as a taxpayer and one of those rights is the right to representation. You just need to be sure it is the right representation.

For the HELP path, you get a guy on your side, one who knows tax resolution, to take on your case, negotiate on your behalf and protect your rights.

A CPA that specializes in tax resolution for a living knows the ‘ins and outs’ and how to deal with the IRS so that your rights are protected. A professional tax resolution specialist also knows how to get you the best possible settlement for your unique situation.

Utilizing a CPA tax resolution specialist decreases the chances of rejection from a tax resolution program. Additionally, clients typically have lower payments and settlements compared to taxpayers without representation.

One Last Thing

The right representation referenced earlier is, naturally, Strategic Tax Resolution. We are the ‘guy on your side’ – tax resolution experts with local offices and online-assisted means to better serve you. When you get that notice from the IRS, the clock starts ticking and you don’t have much time to act before the government dictates what is going to happen. Take control of your tax issues and call Strategic Tax Resolution today at 888-339-4914 and get started on your #RoadToResolution. Get Relief!

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