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You’ve probably heard us on the Phillies Radio Network this season, talking about tax resolution. We are your local tax resolution experts. Contact Strategic Tax Resolution today! Our staff is ready to listen and find the best solution for your tax problems. We will work with the IRS, State and Local tax authorities so they do not contact you directly. Because we are local, IRS and State agents can come to our office and not your house or place of work.

Contact Strategic Tax Resolution today to determine your options and start representation. Stop living in fear and take control of your tax problems. It is always better to address the problems now on your terms then to be limited or forced into an outcome by a taxing authority.

No Cost (a.k.a. Free) Initial Consultation

We will discuss your case to identify the tax problems and determine the potential path (or paths) towards your resolution. Based on this initial consultation, we will determine if you possibly qualify for a relief program. Then, we will discuss next steps and potential time tables. *Please Note: This is only a preliminary assessment; additional research and evaluation will be required to verify the potential eligibility for a relief program.

Tax Problems and Tax Resolution Services

For more information on the tax problems we can help you resolve, visit our Tax Problems page. Visit our Tax Resolution Services page to view some of the programs that are available for qualified taxpayers. Keep listening for us on the Phillies Radio Network. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for additional information.


Liens and Levies

IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy are collection tools that the taxing authorities use to pressure taxpayers into

Wage Garnishment

How to Stop Wage Garnishment When you owe the IRS, they will stop at nothing to collect. If taxes go unpaid, the IRS resorts to tax liens and

Payroll Tax Problems and TFRP

Payroll Tax Problems and TFRP Payroll taxes refer to income taxes withheld from employees’ income, including Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Unfiled Taxes

Unfiled IRS and State Tax Returns If a taxpayer neglects to file their taxes every year, the IRS will file a tax return for them using a Substitute

Lien and Levy Release

IRS and State Tax Lien and Levy Release/Removal Getting a tax lien or levy released is a negotiation process. The good news is in many cases liens

Annual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Annual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning Annual tax preparation and tax planning are two key services designed to help our clients avoid tax problems

Installment Agreements

Help with IRS and State Installment Agreements An installment agreement is the end result of  properly presenting a taxpayer's financial

Wage Garnishment Removal

Stopping Wage Garnishment Stopping and removing a wage garnishment is crucial to minimizing the financial impact of your tax problems. With a wage