Notice or Letter NumberTitle
CP-57Notice of Insufficient Funds
CP-90/CP-297Final Notice - Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
CP-297ANotice of Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing
CP-91/CP-298Final Notice Before Levy on Social Security Benefits
Letter-484CCollection Information Statement Requested (Form 433F/433D); Inability to Pay/Transfer
Letter-549CBalance Due on Account is Paid
LP-68We released the taxpayer's levy.
Letter-681CProposal to Pay Accepted
Letter-757CInstallment Privilege Terminated
LT-11-(Letter-1058)Final Notice prior to levy; your right to a hearing
LT-18-(Letter-1615)Mail us your overdue tax returns.
LP-64-(Letter-1731)Please help us locate a taxpayer.
LT-27-(Letter-1737)Please complete and site Form 433F, Collection Information Statement.
Letter-1961CInstallment Agreement for Direct Debit 433-G
Letter-1962CInstallment Agreement Reply to Taxpayer
LT-16-(Letter-2050)Please call us about your overdue taxes or tax return.
Letter-2257CBalance Due Total to Taxpayer
Letter-2271Cnstallment Agreement for Direct Debit Revisions
Letter-2272CInstallment Agreement Cannot be Considered
Letter-2273CInstallment Agreement Accepted: Terms Explained
Letter-2318CInstallment Agreement: Payroll Deduction (F2159) Incomplete
Letter-2357CAbatement of Penalties and Interest
Letter-2603CInstallment Agreement Accepted - Notice of Federal Tax Lien Will be Filed
Letter-2604CPre-assessed Installment Agreement
Letter-2761CRequest for Combat Zone Service Dates
Letter-2789CRequest for Combat Zone Service Dates
Letter-2789CTaxpayer Response to Reminder of Balance Due
Letter2800CIncorrect Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Letter-CP2801CExempt Status May not be Allowed
Letter-2802CYour withholding doesn’t comply with IRS guidelines
Letter-2840CCC IAPND Installment Agreement Confirmation
Letter-3030CBalance Due Explained:Tax/Interest Not Paid
Letter-3127CRevision to Installment Agreement
Letter-3217Cnstallment Agreement Accepted: Terms Explained
LT-39-(Letter-3228)Reminder notice.
Letter-4458CWe wrote to you because we didn't receive your monthly installment payment.
Letter-4883CWe received your federal income tax return; however, we need more information from you to process it.
Letter-5071CWe received your federal income tax return; however, we need more information from you to process it.
LP-47Address Information Request
LP-59Please contact us about the taxpayer levy.