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Welcome to the Tax Blog from Strategic Tax Resolution! Be sure to come back often as we’ll be sharing important and helpful information about taxes and tax problems. Whether your problems are with the IRS, State or both, Strategic Tax Resolution is the smart choice to help you resolve them. Call us today at 888-339-4914 for a free consultation.

IRS Notice Do’s & Don’ts With levy and garnishment notices making their way to mailboxes across the area, more and more taxpayers are getting the dreaded letter from the IRS. Here are some quick IRS notice do’s and don’ts if you find yourself on the receiving end of one. First, don’t throw it away/ignore it….

Time’s Up! The IRS is Unleashed! Yes, you read that right. After what you could call a ‘COVID hiatus,’ the IRS is back on the hunt, sending out IRS notices, looking to collect what is theirs. And they are looking to collect it from you. A batch of Intent to levy and garnishment IRS notices…

Ask These 5 Questions When Looking For A Tax Resolution Company Choosing a tax resolution company to handle your tax problems is an important step on the #RoadToResolution. But who should you choose? In previous posts, we’ve gone over if you should hire a professional to resolve your tax problems (short answer – yes) as…

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