Hold on Driver’s License or Passport

The IRS and State Taxing Authority have a powerful tool to get delinquent taxpayers attention.  They will place a hold on a taxpayers driver’s license or passport. States will place a hold on the renewal of driver’s licenses, professional licenses and vehicle registrations until a taxpayer becomes tax compliant. In most circumstances this means all unfiled returns need to be submitted and a payment arrangement needs to be negotiated. If you receive a notice that a hold has been placed on a renewal you need to act fast and seek a tax resolution expert. We negotiate with State taxing authorities daily on behalf of taxpayers for reduced tax liabilities and the release of license holds.

Additionally, the IRS has been given the power to put a hold on the renewal of passports.  In January of 2018 the IRS began implementing new procedures that included provisions to deny passport applications or renewals for taxpayers with delinquent tax debt of $52,000 or more.  When the IRS certifies a taxpayer to the State department as owing seriously delinquent tax debt the hold is in place.  The taxpayer will need to make a payment arrangement with the IRS for the debt.

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